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Grease Recycling Service Belleville IL, St Louis MOThere are scientific theories that suggest that a crucial part of Man’s evolution came when he began unlocking nutrients in meats and foods through cooking, leading to increased brain development. We’d like to think that another important marker in Man’s development came when he learned that he needed to start recycling his waste in order to save his environment and make it better able to sustain him.

In any case, once humans began frying food by deep frying chicken and other items in vegetable oil and grease there is no doubt that our enjoyment of great food increased exponentially. But this presented us with a problem: what is the best manner of disposing of cooking oil.

Most cooks have learned the lesson that disposing of even a small amount of leftover grease can cause major problems. Improperly disposed of grease and cooking oil by pouring it down a drain can quickly lead to problems with clogged sewers and costly plumbing bills. Some grease does make its way down the drain and into the grease trap and this is why restaurants rely on Millstadt Rendering’s St Louis restaurant grease trap service.

But even if you don’t dispose of grease collected after cooking down a drain pipe, and you do recycle it as is recommended, what happens to the grease when it is recycled?

What to Do With Used Cooking Oil?

The simple answer to the question of proper disposal of used cooking oil is to dispose of it in approved containers and to have an approved grease recycling company remove it. But what happens next?

When Millstadt Rendering arrives at your restaurant to clear your used cooking oil container we vacuum out the grease you have discarded. We always arrive at a time that allows us to do a thorough job without disrupting your business customers or deliveries. And we always leave the grease recycling area as tidy as we find it.

Our trucks, filled with used restaurant oil arrive back at our rendering facility between Millstadt and Belleville, Illinois fully loaded with grease from restaurants all over Southern Illinois and the St Louis area. All types of cooking oils and grease are mixed together in a thick sludge that we process through a machine that warms the grease and removes suspended matter.

Grease, water and solids are then separated in a process specified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Finally, the solution is passed through a centrifuge spinning the last of the solids and water out of the grease product that remains.

Because of the high price of oil, more manufacturers and plants have been choosing to fuel their facilities with recycled grease. The grease that once cooked your delicious toasted ravioli is now being used for fuel. Some numbers suggest that this year over 2 billion pounds of vegetable oil will be used as a source of energy!

Feel Good About Recycling and Reusing Cooking OIl!

Recycling isn’t just for glass jars, plastic bags, milk cartons and paper towels anymore. These days vegetable based oils are bypassing the compost pile and being used as a fuel to power everything from automobiles to factories.

Millstadt Rendering is proud to be a very important part of the recycling process in the St Louis area. St Louis restaurants and restaurants in the Southern Illinois area are learning that when it comes to a proven track record for recycling, great rebates to help your bottom line, no binding contracts and the best service, no one can beat MRC!

To learn more about recycling your restaurant’s used cooking oil, call Millstadt Rendering at: 618-538-5312,¬†or Contact us at this link to schedule a pickup of your used restaurant oil.