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Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning St Louis MO Area

Millstadt Rendering provides grease trap cleaning for restaurants and businesses in and around the St Louis area. We have been in the business of grease management and removal for decades. MRC is the grease trap cleaner that St Louis trusts. Since 1963 Millstadt Rendering has helped restaurants and other commercial kitchens with their kitchen grease disposal, recycling, maintenance and other restaurant grease trap services.

If you’re searching for reliable, restaurant grease trap cleaning near me, learn how Millstadt Rendering can keep your grease trap clear to ensure that kitchen wastewater does not back up, causing a smelly, unsightly and expensive mess that can close down your business at the most inopportune times.

Call Millstadt Rendering to Pump Grease Trap

St Louis restaurants already know that you can’t beat Millstadt Rendering for grease pumping services to keep grease out of your septic system. Schedule now by using our scheduling form for regular grease trap cleaning and pumping. Your food service establishment simply cannot risk having your sewer system back up during your weekend dinner rush. Sanitary sewer overflows cause restaurant closure and lost profits.

To avoid business closure and expensive repairs and fines, call Millstadt Rendering to learn how we can help you recycle your used cooking oil and help you avoid city sewer backup problems by scheduling your regular service now: 618-538-5312

Get To Know Your Restaurant’s Grease Trap

Grease traps are designed to prevent any grease that is poured down the sink, floor drain, or discharged from the dishwasher from entering the waste water sewer system. In the trap, grease floats to the top and solid waste such as food solids and food waste settle to the bottom.

Grease filtering systems need to be vacuumed pumped periodically on a regular basis to remove the grease and solids and to ensure proper drainage and waste disposal and to ensure proper flow rates. Grease trap, or interceptor, cleaning is an important maintenance to-do item that should not be neglected even if it is possibly the least glamorous part of running a restaurant.

Many municipalities regulate how often a restaurant trap must be cleaned in order to protect the drainage system. Check your municipality for the codes and regulations on managing traps. The cost to clean a trap is based on the size of container and geographic location.

We Clean Restaurant Grease Traps in the St Louis Area and Southern IllinoisAfter proper grease trap installation, proper cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen’s grease filter is critical to eliminate or prevent sewer backups, unpleasant odors by removing grease trap waste. Plumbing services are expensive and unnecessary if you simply anticipate your restaurant’s grease trap cleaning services.

When you call Millstadt Rendering to schedule your indoor grease trap service, one of our service technicians will come on site to examine your system and give you any important notes about the condition of your grease trap mechanism, grease interceptor, and the details of how it interacts with the sanitary sewer. We’ve been in the business long enough to have seen and worked on every type of grease trap, so there’s no surprises.

Depending on the size and condition of your grease trap we will give you an accurate estimate of the grease trap maintenance services we recommend. Cities require a properly functioning grease trap to help break down grease and capture it before it reaches the sewer line. We can handle the messy but important job of cleaning out fats, oils and grease and keeping your system flowing properly. Let a trained professional keep your food service traps clean by pumping out your grease before it becomes a problem.


Schedule Your Grease Pickup Now

    Go With Experienced Grease Trap Service

    Don’t trust just anyone to maintain your grease trap. Millstadt Rendering has the experience to keep your system maintained and running smoothly. A neglected or poorly-maintained grease trap can cause foul odors, clogs and backups and when left unattended, can bring your business to a screeching halt at the worst possible times.

    It’s important to remember that regular maintenance of grease trap cleaning costs is far more affordable than the loss of business, emergency cleaning (nights and weekends), and repair costs of damaged plumbing. Schedule grease trap work regularly to avoid having to hire a drain cleaner or plumber to fix the problem in an emergency.

    Call 618-538-5312 for a price quote and to learn more about how Millstadt Rendering helps Southern Illinois and St Louis area restaurants keep running smoothly and efficiently.

    We Offer More Than Grease Trap Pumping and Cleaning

    Millstadt Rendering has the experienced professionals who can not only clean a grease trap and keep it in tip-top shape, we also can offer your business the service or removing any used fryer oil and grease as well as any meat trimmings. In addition to offering our grease trap pumping services we make it easy to get rid of used grease and oil.

    For half a century restaurants and businesses in the St Louis area and Southern Illinois have trusted Millstadt Rendering to handle their restaurant fryer oil removal and recycling needs. Millstadt Rendering is known in the area as the family-owned, restaurant-friendly service who can make sure your grease trap is regularly pumped and free from clogs by getting you on a regular maintenance schedule or just come out when needed without ever asking you to sign a contract.

    We always offer the best rebates on recycled restaurant fryer oil and we provide timely, professional service that exceeds our customers’ expectations. We offer competitive pricing within our 150 mile service area. We also own our own rendering plant so we are able to pass cost savings along to you.

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