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Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning, Southern Illinois

If you own a restaurant in Southern Illinois or even Southern parts of Missouri you might not know your options for restaurant grease removal and grease trap pumping service.

You want a service that has experience. Millstadt Rendering has been in the business of restaurant grease recycling and restaurant grease trap maintenance for over 55 years.

You need a service that is prompt and professional. Millstadt Rendering has been rated the top company serving Southern Illinois restaurant grease removal needs since there have been Google reviews!

You have to make every penny count. Millstadt Rendering offers the most competitive pricing within a 150 mile radius of Millstadt, Illinois. Unlike our competitors, we don’t require you to sign a contract and we offer competitive rebates on used cooking oil recycling.

Millstadt Rendering is known by restaurants in the Belleville, Illinois area and Southern Illinois, for our professional grease recycling and grease trap cleaning services.

We serve restaurant owners in Fairview Heights, IL, Scott Air Force Base, IL, Swansea, IL, Caseyville, IL, Collinsville, IL, Carbondale, IL, Freeburg, IL, Smithton, IL, Goreville, IL, De Soto, IL, Murphrysboro, IL, Freeburg, IL, Carbondale, Effingham, Cape Girardeau, Jefferson City, Hannibal, Coulterville, IL, Hecker, IL, Columbia, IL, Waterloo, IL, Sparta, IL, St. Clair County, IL, Madison County, IL, Johnson County, IL, Randolph County, IL, Clinton County, IL and other Southern Illinois locations.

If you’re a restaurant owner on the west side of the river, we provide restaurant grease removal and grease trap cleaning in St Louis, MO. We require no contracts for areas of St Louis including: Kirkwood, MO, Webster Groves, MO, St. Louis, MO, Soulard, Central West End, Downtown St. Louis, Midtown St. Louis, Clayton, MO, The Grove, University City, MO and other parts of the St. Louis area.

Restaurant Oil Recycling Near Me

Millstadt Rendering promptly and professionally removes your restaurant oil and brings it to our own rendering plant and recycling center. We’re not a middleman or some out-of-town conglomerate. We’re a family owned business operating out of Millstadt, Illinois.

We are fully prepared to handle your restaurant grease removal needs whether you run a small or large restaurant in Southern Illinois, a commercial kitchen, a school or school district kitchen, a facility with a kitchen on premises such as a hospital or factory, or even a simple Southern Illinois food truck.

We recycle fats, oils and grease and can also dispose of meat cuttings and any other organic waste. We make it easy to recycle gallons of used oil in an eco-friendly, safe and efficient manner. No need to find a collection center, because we make regular restaurant grease pickups in all areas of Southern Illinois. Millstadt Rendering is a grease recycling program you can feel good about!

Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning Services Near Me

Millstadt Rendering knows that a properly maintained restaurant grease trap is essential for keeping restaurant grease out of the sewer system. In most municipalities grease traps are licensed and inspected by law.

Nothing can shut your restaurant down quicker than grease build up and a clogged grease trap. When grease trap waste clogs up a trap it not only prevents liquid waste from reaching the city sewer, it can back up into your restaurant and the results and odors are not pretty.

For over 55 years restaurants in Southern Illinois have relied on Millstadt Rendering to keep their sewer lines running smoothly by using us to service, pump and clean their grease traps. Nobody can beat Millstadt Rendering’s grease trap services.

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