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Restaurant Grease Pickup in Belleville and St LouisWe get it. These are tough times to own a restaurant. You can’t afford to make mistake. Fortunate for you Millstadt Rendering makes it easy for local restaurants to choose the best fryer oil recycling in Belleville, Millstadt, O’Fallon, Scott Air Force Base, Edwardsville… or, even across the river in St. Louis!

We serve the restaurant industry and the environment by recycling your used restaurant fryer oil and grease in an environmentally sound way that is essential to public health, health of the environment and great for your bottom line.

We Pay Rebates for Your Restaurant Grease

These days have been tough on the restaurant business. That’s why no other local company offering grease services in Belleville, Il will offer you the kind of rebates to recycle your restaurant fryer grease that we do.

We Don’t Make You Sign A Contract For Recycling Cooking Oils and Fats

Millstadt Rendering Company make it easy for you do do what’s right for the environment. We stand behind our dedication to service so much that we don’t lock you into the legal contracts that the other guys use to keep your business. If you aren’t completely satisfied with our restaurant oil and grease recycling service you’re free to stop at any time. No questions asked.

We Play By the Rules When it Comes To Restaurant Grease Recycling

We don’t bend the rules like some of the “other guys.” It’s true that restaurant oil theft is a growing problem. But it’s far from a victimless crime. Often times unscrupulous recycling services will break and bend your grease container to steal restaurant oil and grease.

Millstadt Rendering is 100% legit. We have been trusted to recycle fryer oil and for restaurant grease pickup in Belleville, St Louis and the surrounding area for over half a century. Why? Millstadt Rendering does restaurant oil recycling the right way. Watch the video below to learn more about the illegal grease trade.

Family Owned and Operated Fryer Oil Recycling in Belleville

So many of the mom and pop restaurants we serve are small, family owned businesses and so are we. Millstadt Rendering Company in Belleville, is family-owned and has consistently operated for over 50 years. We treat our customers like family too! Click this link to schedule your restaurant grease pickup in Belleville, St Louis or surrounding areas!

The Original Restaurant Grease Pickup Service in Belleville

Millstadt Rendering has a strong track record of on time grease pickup in Belleville, Illinois and the St Louis Metro area. We offer competitive pricing to pick up your restaurant grease within a 150 mile radius of the St Louis area.

We have over 5 decades of experience in serving the St Louis and Belleville area restaurant industry in picking up and recycling used restaurant grease and fryer oil, animal by products, bones and fat and grease trap cleaning.

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