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Restaurant Grease Pickup in Belleville and St Louis

When most people thing of recycling they think of plastics, metals and even yard waste collection. But there is one very important element of the recycling process that is often overlooked even though it is an important service and resource. Where does the millions of used cooking oil and grease generated as waste and byproducts in our St Louis area restaurants go when it is past its usefulness?

Used cooking oil and grease recycling in St Louis is not a City or County-provided recycling collection. Simply put, you can’t just call someone at the City to have your used restaurant grease taken away like your other trash and recycling materials.

St Louis County Recycling of Used Cooking Grease

Restaurant owners in Saint Louis City and St Louis County know that there is a simple phone number you can call to set up a collection schedule to have your used restaurant oil collected on a regular basis. By simply calling Millstadt Rendering at: 618-538-5312 you can not only have your grease collected by a reputable family-owned business, you can actually make money doing the right thing.

Millstadt Rendering helps restaurants, food trucks and commercial kitchens get rid of used cooking oils, keep their grease traps clean and functioning and even remove meat scraps that are discarded after butchering or meat trimming.

Recycling Restaurant Grease is the Right Thing To Do

Reducing, reusing and recycling are the mantra of the environmentally friendly citizen. And Millstadt Rendering is proud to help restaurant owners in St Louis and Southern Illinois recoup money by doing the right thing. Setting up services with Millstadt Rendering just requires one phone call to: 618-538-5312.

It’s as simple as setting up city recycling or trash collection, it makes you money and it’s the right thing for the environment. Get started today!

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