When Should I Change and Recycle Restaurant Fryer Oil?

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When should you clean your restaurant fryer and recycle used restaurant grease?Whether you’re cooking toasted ravioli on The Hill, serving up Falafel in The Loop, cooking wings in Belleville or frying french fries at Ballpark Village, Millstadt Rendering has got you covered when it comes to recycling your fryer oil!

But how do you know when it’s time to change your restaurant fryer oil? We at Millstadt Rendering want to help you make sure your fried food comes out perfect every time, so follow this simple guide to know when it’s time to switch out your deep frier oil.

Fried foods taste best when the oil they’re cooked in is seasoned right and cooked in clean frier grease. However, different foods will cause fryer oil to become unusable at a different rate, just as different cooking temperatures and maintenance routines will affect flavor.

When is it time to replace my deep fryer oil?

Here are some tips for knowing when to recycle your cooking oil:

  • Different foods affect restaurant fryer oil differently. Breaded foods (especially breaded fish) affect cooking oil worse than non-breaded foods like vegetables or french fries
  • How does your fryer oil look? Replace your restaurant fryer oil if it is dark, has a lot of debris or crumbs floating in it, smokes or has a foamy surface
  • How does your restaurant fryer oil smell? You should replace the oil or grease in your deep fryer if it has a “fishy” smell or otherwise distinct odor.

Can I clean my fryer oil to get more out of it?

Regular restaurant fryer maintenance keeps food tasting great. Call Millstadt Rendering for restaurant fryer grease recycling in St Louis.

Absolutely! Most restaurants clean their oil at the end of business each night. To get the best performance and flavor of your fryer oil, follow these simple directions:

  1. Use a skimmer to remove pieces of food and breading
  2. Filter the oil through a screen into a large pot in order to remove the rest of the debris.

What should I do with old oil that won’t be reused?

Restaurants in the St Louis metropolitan area and in Southern Illinois have trusted Millstadt Rendering to remove and recycle their restaurant cooking oil for decades. We are one of the oldest, family-owned local companies. Restaurants in the St Louis area trust Millstadt Rendering because:

  • We excel in Grease Trap Pumping and Cleaning
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  • We also remove Meat Trimmings
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To get started having your used restaurant oil recycled by Millstadt Rendering, simply call us or fill out the form below. We look forward to serving you!

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