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Restaurant Grease Recycling Container

Restaurant Grease Recycling Container

A recent article in the Maryland Coast Dispatch brought to light how a community was dealing with the issue of leaking grease collection containers.

The City Council of the oceanside resort community of Ocean City, had to address residents complaining about the problem of worn out and leaking restaurant grease disposal containers. Of course in a resort community with so many businesses such as restaurants, resorts, hotels and cafeterias making up such a large part of the town, such an issue is magnified.

Also, the proximity to the ocean means that, as one council member put it: “It’s concerning that a private sector company would allow this stuff to potentially contaminate our waterways [and] damage our residents’ private property.”

The crux of the issue being reported was that one grease recycling company in charge of most of the island’s cooking oil collection was allowing their cooking oil storage containers to become worn out and that their collection schedule was probably more than they could handle, leading to overflowing grease.

The negligent company, Valley Protein, was contacted by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), and efforts were being made to remediate the problem.

Are You Experiencing Issues Related to Restaurant Grease Recycling Containers in St Louis?

Millstadt Rendering Company, located just across the river in Millstadt, Illinois, makes the effort to ensure that the restaurants we serve by removing used fryer oil and kitchen grease always have the proper grease recycling containers that are free from corrosion and any leaks. It’s important to have a proper size and well-maintained container for grease.

But, even if you aren’t a Millstadt Rendering client and you are experiencing any problems involving leaks or messes in your grease collection area, please feel free to call us and we’ll come out and fix the problem by delivering a collection container that is free from defects.

We’ll also set you up with a regular grease collection schedule so that overflow never occurs. Also, we’ll reassure you that our drivers are courteous and professional. They arrive when they’re supposed to and never leave an unsightly mess.

Our grease recycling containers come in a variety of sizes and are all made of 12 gauge steel and capable of lasting for years of dependable service.

Also, we are experts in more than removing used hot oil. We can also assist you by removing meat scraps from your kitchen as well as the cleaning an pumping of your businesses grease trap.

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