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Millstadt Rendering Company

Serving all of the Metro-East, Southern Illinois and a 150 mile radius
of the St. Louis Metro area, MRC is here for all of your rendering needs.

Used Fryer Oil
Used Fryer Oil & Grease Removal
Pumping & Cleaning
Grease Trap Pumping & Cleaning
Meat Trimmings
Meat Trimming Removal

Millstadt Rendering Company is a full service rendering plant that processes used cooking/restaurant oil and grease, animal by products, bones, fat, and beef hides. Pumping and cleaning grease traps is another division. The staff and management are dedicated to providing dependable service without a contract.

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No Contracts!

Competitive Pricing Within 150 Mile Radius

Locally Owned Family Business

Full Service Rendering Plant

In Business For Over 55 Years

History of Millstadt Rendering Co.

Millstadt Rendering is a family owned business located in rural Belleville, IL.  The Company was established in 1962 by Joe & Alberta Kostelac.  Joe operated the truck to collect the raw material and Alberta answered the phone from their home office.  In 1972 a new facility was built and a few years later the company was incorporated.  Alberta and Joe had six children and through the years, all six have worked in the business.

Today, their children manage the business. Robert Kostelac, is President, Diane Rasp is CEO, Susan Bauer is Fleet Manager, Linda Kostelac (Robert’s wife) is Customer Sales & Service Manager, and grandson BJ Kostelac is the Sales Rep.  Alberta and Joe established the strong ethical values in the code of conduct and those same values are in place today.

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Missouri Restaurant Association
Missouri Association of Meat Processors
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