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In the world of restaurant management, ensuring the efficient use and disposal of cooking oil is crucial for both operational and environmental reasons. Millstadt Rendering is here to provide an easy and sustainable solution for restaurant owners looking to responsibly handle their used cooking oil. Our family-owned business, with a 55-year track record of excellent service, is committed to providing competitive pricing and convenient grease pickup within 150 miles of the St. Louis area. We want you to understand how to dispose of cooking oil profitably!

1. Determining When Fryer Oil Needs to be Changed:

Regularly monitoring the quality of your fryer oil is essential for maintaining the taste and quality of your food. Overused oil can negatively impact the flavor and texture of your dishes, so it’s crucial to establish a routine for assessing its condition. Factors to consider include changes in color, increased foaming, and the presence of a burnt or off-putting smell.

2. Safely Draining and Removing Used Cooking Oil:

When it’s time to change your cooking oil, follow these steps for safe removal:

a. Allow the oil to cool to a safe temperature.

b. Use a funnel and a mesh strainer to filter out any food particles.

c. Use a designated container to collect the used oil.

d. Ensure proper sealing to prevent spills or leaks during transport.

3. Schedule Professional Recycling Pickup with Millstadt Rendering:

Instead of worrying about the hassle of disposing of used cooking oil, dealing with unreliable recycling centers, partner with Millstadt Rendering. Call us at 618-538-5312, and we will schedule professional recycling pickups tailored to your restaurant’s needs. Our team is equipped to handle the entire process of recycling used cooking oil and frying oil efficiently and responsibly.

4. Grease Storage Containers Provided by Millstadt Rendering:

We understand the importance of proper storage for used cooking oil. When you choose Millstadt Rendering, we provide you with appropriate grease storage containers, ensuring a seamless and clean process for the storage and pickup of your used oil.

5. Regular Pickups and Removal for Recycling:

Millstadt Rendering takes the guesswork out of used cooking oil disposal. Once we’ve provided you with the storage containers, we’ll schedule regular pickups and removals, ensuring your restaurant’s cooking oil is recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

6. Regular Rebates Based on Best Market Value:

The best part of choosing Millstadt Rendering is that we not only handle the pickup and recycling but also offer regular rebates based on the best market value for your used cooking oil. This not only helps you contribute to a sustainable future but also adds a financial incentive for responsible waste management.

7. No Contracts, Competitive Pricing and Local Service:

When you partner with Millstadt Rendering, there’s no need to sign long-term contracts. We offer competitive pricing for our services and pride ourselves on providing grease pickup within 150 miles of the St. Louis area. Our family-owned business is committed to delivering exceptional service to local businesses in the St. Louis and Southern Illinois area.

Choose Millstadt Rendering for a hassle-free, environmentally responsible solution to your questions about how to dispose of frying oil. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment with proper disposal of oil and grease while enjoying the convenience and profitability of our reliable services.

Reliable Oil Disposal

We’re proud to be the most highly recommended when it comes to how to get rid of cooking oil in the St Louis area and Southern Illinois. Our outstanding customer service, waste management services and reliable, professional, on-time pick up means you will remain a satisfied client for years to come.

Let us show you how choosing Millstadt Rendering for your restaurant cooking oil recycling, grease trap cleaning and pumping, line jetting and food services can help make your restaurant more profitable.

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