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As a restaurant owner in the St Louis or Metro East areas you have a lot of responsibility to keep your business running. These days more than ever, restaurant owners, food truck operators, commercial kitchen managers have a lot to handle just to keep the food coming out of the kitchen and the customers happy and coming back.

High energy prices, personnel issues, supply chain challenges and other business challenges make running a business – especially a food-service business – difficult.

How often should you clean a grease trap?

How often should you clean a grease trap?

Though it might seem like a nearly insignificant issue that’s barely on your radar, Millstadt Rendering wants to remind you of one small issue that if left unresolved can be catastrophic to your restaurant business: Grease Trap Cleaning.

5 Signs It’s Time To Clean Your Restaurant Grease Trap

While it’s fresh on your mind, make the call right now to Millstadt Rendering to schedule grease trap maintenance in the St Louis area. Don’t wait for any of the 5 signs that your grease trap needs maintenance. By then it might be too late. Cleaning a grease trap must be done properly and should be performed by a professional to avoid problems down the road.

  1. Unpleasant Odors – One of the most common wake up calls that you’re in the need for professional service to clean your grease trap is a bad smell, usually coming from the kitchen. A clogged grease trap can lead to a backing up of sewer gas that hangs in the air creating a less than appetizing atmosphere.
  2. Slow Drainage or Backed Up Drains – Always a sign that things aren’t going well in your drainage system. If you notice that sinks, dishwashers or floor drains aren’t eliminating water in a timely manner, you are experiencing symptoms of fats, oils, grease and solids in your drain system.
  3. Grease in The Grease Trap – If you have access to your grease trap and notice that the grease is taking up 1/4 or more of the total liquid depth, it’s time to make a call and hire a professional for grease trap maintenance before drain cleaning is necessary.
  4. Grease in Unusual Places – Noticing grease around your kitchen is a sign that grease and sewage is backing up and making itself known. This is one of the last signs that you’re overdue for a cleaning.

Time to Hire a Professional Grease Trap Cleaner

Millstadt Rendering, a family-owned and operated grease recycler in the St Louis area, can not only recycle your used cooking oil, we can also help your busy restaurant with a regular grease trap cleaning schedule.

Contact MRC to schedule a grease trap cleaning schedule now: 618-538-5312. We’ll take care of your restaurant grease recycling and grease trap maintenance. You won’t need to give it a thought again.

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