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Deep Fried Toasted Ravioli St Louis Grease Trap CleaningMillstadt Rendering handles grease recycling, grease trap cleaning and meat trimming removal for restaurants throughout the St Louis, MO and Southern Illinois area. We know a thing or two about one of the least attractive parts of a functioning restaurant – the grease trap.

Chances are, in your culinary or hospitality management training, the lesson about the importance of your restaurant grease trap might have been the least interesting subject you’ve ever encountered. But like most aspects of plumbing, when it’s broken and not functioning correctly, it has your undivided attention.

A full grease trap can usually mean that your dining room smells like sewage because fats and food solids have backed up your sewer system and now you have a big problem on your hands.

Get to Know Your Restaurant Grease Trap… Before It’s Too Late

The concept of a restaurant grease trap makes perfect sense. Because restaurants are businesses that generate a lot of food waste and brown grease waste, that grease needs to be stopped before it enters the city sewer system. It’s mandated in the law and subject to inspection by the city of St Louis or whichever municipality in which you run your business.

In fact, if operating in Missouri, your restaurant needs an operating permit from the Missouri Clean Water Commission. The permit specifies that you can’t discharge waste into the water supply. Thus, you need to have a functioning grease interceptor to prevent this.

But, what happens when the trap does it’s job and gets filled with kitchen grease, that has been prevented from reaching the depths of the city’s sanitary sewer? You have a problem. You require commercial grease trap pumping services to get you back into business.

But what if you’re the kind of proactive business owner who doesn’t wait until the emergency rears its ugly head? What if you are the kind of professional restauranteur who reads this and thinks to herself: “I should really get ahead of this situation before it becomes a problem?”

Call Millstadt Rendering for St Louis Area Grease Trap Cleaning Services… NOW!

The truly professional chef or kitchen manager knows that by the time the sanitary sewer overflows, when customers need to be turned away (or hurry away on their own), it’s already too late. Don’t wait until fats, oils and grease bring your business to a standstill, call now: 618-538-5312 and schedule a preemptive grease trap analysis and pumping.

We’ll take a look at your grease trap situation and get your system clean as a whistle. We’re located just across the river, in Millstadt, IL and can get to your restaurant more quickly than most St Louis-based grease recyclers, plumbers and grease trap cleaners.

You’ll save money because our prices are competitive and we’ll get to know you on a first-name basis because we’re family-owned, rather than some large corporate grease and waste disposal companies. We’ve been cleaning grease traps and recycling food waste for over a half century, so we know the business as well as we know the restaurants we serve.

St Louis Restaurants and commercial kitchens best kept secret might just be using Millstadt Rendering to handle their grease recycling and their grease interceptor cleaning needs.

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