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Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning in St Louis and MetroeastNow more than ever owning a restaurant in the St Louis area or the Illinois Metro East is a real challenge. But Millstadt Rendering has been here to offer professional services including commercial grease trap cleaning in the St Louis area, restaurant grease and fryer oil recycling and meat trimming removal for over 50 years.

It used to be that attracting and keeping customers coming in the door was the biggest challenge for a restauranteur. In this world that is slowly starting to emerge from COVID-19, restaurant owners are faced with new, unexpected challenges. Even after figuring out how to migrate state and federal regulations, mask mandates, quarantines, social distancing, contact tracing and more challenges you still have to run a business! Add to this that it’s more difficult than ever to attract and keep good talent coming to work in your restaurant.

Grease Disposal and Recycling Services For St Louis Restaurants

For over 5 decades restaurant owners have trusted Millstadt Rendering to recycle their fryer grease oil. We believe that our professional service will satisfy you with our promptness and attention to detail. That’s why we don’t make you sign a contract. We also offer the best rebates available to help your bottom line. Click the link to learn more about or to schedule your fryer oil recycling service.

St Louis Area Restaurant Meat Trimming Removal

We’ve been in the rendering business for 50+ years. Learn how we can assist you by removing your grease and animal by-products including: bones, fat and trimmings.

St Louis Area Restaurant Meat Trimming Removal

We provide trusted grease trap cleaning and pumping. St Louis Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning is one of our core services. We know that neglecting grease trap maintenance can lead to costly repairs or fines. Call Millstadt Rendering now at: 618-538-5312 to keep your restaurant’s grease trap in tip-top shape.

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