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Restaurant Grease Pickup in Belleville and St LouisAny smart restaurant owner knows that keeping costs down and quality high is the recipe for success in the food service business. There are a lot of decisions to make concerning everything from hiring the right kitchen and front of the house staff, finding food distributors to sell you the freshest ingredients, selecting the right wine list balancing the details of keeping customers happy and making ends meet.

One of the details that often gets short shrift is who to call to take care of cooking oil disposal for your St Louis restaurant, food truck or commercial kitchen. But there is a solution close to the St Louis area for recycling used cooking grease the right way. Millstadt Rendering is the St Louis area solution for recycling used cooking grease.

Recycle Cooking Oil in St Louis, MO

We’ll cut to the chase and let you know why we think you should consider family-owned Millstadt Rendering to handle your restaurant oil recycling, meat trimming recycling and grease trap maintenance in St Louis.

5 Great Reasons To Use MRC

No Contracts

Unlike many of our competitors, we’ll never force you into signing a contract for grease recycling. We know that you’ll be so happy with our professional prompt service that you’ll be happy to allow us to serve you as your permanent grease recycling program partner.

Competitive Pricing

If you’re not recycling your cooking oil and grease with Millstadt Rendering, you’re essentially taking money and pouring it down the drain. And any plumber can tell you, pouring money or oil down the drain can kill your business. Call us today to find out how our pricing can boost your bottom line. In the world of tight bottom lines that is the restaurant industry it’s important to be aware of cooking oil theft. Someone stealing your waste oil is stealing your profits.

Locally Owned Family Business

When you’re dealing with Millstadt Rendering, you’re going to be talking to a family member who wants to do business the right way. So many of our loyal customers are family owned businesses just like us who know the value of doing business the right way. Whether dealing with restaurant food waste or serving the public, it’s important to come from a place of values.

Full Service Rendering Plant

We handle everything from accepting cooking oil, picking it up at your business, rendering it and shipping it out from our Millstadt, Illinois facility. We do it all to keep our bottom line low.

In Business for Over 55 years

We’ve been in the business of recycling grease and used cooking oil for decades and plan to be around serving St Louis area restaurants for a long time to come.

Call us at: 618-538-5312 to schedule a pickup or to find out more about us.

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