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If you own a restaurant, commercial kitchen, food truck or other business that prepares fried food in the St Louis or Southern Illinois area, you already know that finding the right commercial grease trap maintenance company matters. Millstadt Rendering in Millstadt, Illinois is the grease trap cleaner that St Louis and Southern Illinois relies upon.

We are the go-to providers of St Louis grease trap maintenance and grease trap cleaning in Southern Illinois.

Grease Trap Pumping St Louis

Grease Trap Pumping St Louis

Maintenance for Grease Trap for Restaurants

As we’ve written about in past articles, unattended grease traps can cause restaurant closures due to sewage backing up into the kitchen, bad odors and complete business shutdown. It might not be the most glamorous aspect of running a restaurant, but finding a reliable company to clean your grease trap might be the difference between a profitable month and losing money.

We know that especially in these days of trying to rebound from covid business losses, higher employee costs, rising credit card fees, supply chain problems and higher prices all around, restaurants don’t need one more hurdle to overcome.

Your sewer trap is typically located in a basement area or near your sewer lateral coming from your kitchen. In it fats, oils and greases fog and can eventually fill up requiring cleaning and maintenance. Our specialized equipment can clear your traps to the tune of gallons per minute.

We Also Service Grease Traps for Commercial Kitchens

Regardless of what kind of operation you run, if you serve food – especially fried food, you need someone minding your grease and oil. Fats, oils and grease are our business.

Whether your needing grease traps and grease interceptors cleaned and maintained, grease pick up and recycling, or removal of meat cuttings, Millstadt Rendering will provide you with professional service that is on time and meticulous.

One call to Millstadt Rendering (618-538-5312) will get you set up on a maintenance schedule to be sure that your sewer lines and sewer system don’t become clogged with restaurant grease and food waste.

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